Boom gates are one of the key parts of a secure business or business facility. Predominantly used for high cycle car parks or construction sites, a good quality boom gate is a must for people looking to have secure and convenient access.

Boom Gates Benefits

Depending on the amount of cycles they do per day, and the level of security you require, there are a few different options in the type of boom gate you can use.

Vertical Boom Gates The most common boom gate around, the vertical boom gate is ideal for places like car parks, check-points, and train-lines.

Operating vertically, they save on space as they don’t protrude into the opening. On top of this, they are a very cost effective option for places looking to manage access to their property.

Swing Boom Gates

Swing boom gates are generally used on sites that have a wider than standard opening where a vertical boom just wouldn’t be possible. The ease of installation and durable design make it a favorite amongst many owners however.

The drawback, however, is that you do need to keep a clear area on the premises to allow the boom to swing inwards.

Sliding Boom Gates

Engineered for better security and to help prevent ram raiding, the sliding boom gate is generally found being used for places such as commercial properties and national parks, helping to prevent vehicular access. These gates are more expensive than the other boom gates, but if security is a concern for you, then they are well worth the price tag.

You may also add on additional accessories such as keypads, swipe cards and loop detectors to make the premises more secure yet easy convenient to access.

If you’re interested in boom gates for your premises, call your local garage door or gate company and find out what they can do for you.