Garage doors are counterbalanced by springs which make them easy for us to pull up. Without these springs the door is essentially dead weight. These doors can be up to a couple of hundred kilos on a standard double residential door and can be extremely hard to open in case of an emergency.

We do not recommend that people try to open these doors when they have a broken spring. If something happens these doors can come down very quickly and damage property or severely injure people. There are cases where people have even died from situations like this.

If despite these warnings you are still trying to get the door open, which again, we strongly advise against, it is important that you do it as safely as you can.

broken garage door spring

First of all, ensure that you have at least 3 people to do the exercise. The door will likely be over 150kg in many cases, so you will need strong people to do this. If you have a motor connected to it you can also get the motor to help assist it, however, be aware that this can cause the motor to wear out quicker as they are not meant to pull dead weight.

Ensure that no one is ever directly under the opening/closing path of the door. If something does happen and the door drops, you do not want to be in its travel path.

Once you have got the door to the desired height, ensure that you secure it up. This can be done with ropes, vice grips, stilsons or stands. Again, you need to be very careful that it is indeed secured tightly.

AGG Doors does not advise that you ever attempt this and takes no responsibility for injury or loss of life. We strongly advise that you call a professional company to replace your springs to ensure safe operation of the door.