With the amount of break-ins and home intrusions that many of Australia’s suburbs are experiencing, the security of your home and families is needing increasing attention. There are many new products on the market to protect your windows and front doors, however often the most vulnerable opening is still the garage door.

Secure Your HomeDepending on what type of door you have and whether you have motorized it or not, the way you secure it will very slightly.

For Manual Doors: Regardless of the type of door, most manual doors will operate with a key lock on the front of the door. Depending on which type of door it is, the locking mechanisms can either be spring loaded or extendable locking bars. The results are basically the same, however, with locking bars or bolts going into a catch that locks the door into place.

For Automatic Doors: The motor will act as a lock, keeping the door engaged and unable to be lifted by hand. It is worth noting however that if the motors are older, the gears that engage the motor can wear and cause the door to be able to be lifted marginally. It is worth periodically checking your motor to make sure this is not happening.

For people that are really conscious about their security, there are companies such as B&D that are making automatic locks that also operate with their automatic openers. This means you get the benefit of the motor itself being a locking device, as well as a shoot bolt to lock the garage door into place. This is something that has been used to great effect overseas and is now making its way strongly into the Australian market.

If there’s anything that you’re concerned or curious about, contact a garage door company to discuss how they can help secure your garage door.