Sometimes those moans and groans you hear from your garage door may actually be an attempt to tell you something. Sometimes it may be that the motors struggling, that the door springs aren’t tensioned right or that the hardware is starting to fatigue.

Garage Door Sounds

Obviously the garage door isn’t literally speaking, however, the noises it makes can give you a good indication of potential issues. This may give you enough notice to get on the front foot and do something preventative before it becomes a big issue.

For example, does it seem like your motor is making a lot more noise than it used to? Groaning? Straining? Grinding? This could a sign that your motor may be fatiguing or that your springs aren’t tensioned correctly, causing the motor to work harder. It may also indicate some worn or stripped gears internally.

One of the other common sounds we get queries about is that the door makes squealing noises during the operation. This could point to misalignments in the door, causing it to grab on the tracks. It may also be due to a neglect of service and lack of lubrication.

It is important to note that some noises are just part of a standard operation and that the older the doors get, generally, the noise will increase. This is why when you have a brand new door and motor installed, it is near on silent before gradually increasing in volume as it ages. Regular servicing can help minimize this, however, some noise is to be expected.

If you’re concerned about the noises your garage door is making and want to get on the front foot before it’s too late, call your regular company and enquire about what they can offer you. If you don’t have a regular company, jump online and search through some reviews of your local companies to see which one looks right for you.