Choosing A Garage Door Opener

Our garage door openers are something that the majority of us take for granted. This is until they stop working and we have to get out of our cars every time we want to open the door of course. When choosing a new garage door opener though, what exactly should we be looking for?

  1. Door Specifications
    It is important to make sure that our door falls into the specifications of the door opener. This includes the maximum door size, normally found in square metres, maximum opening height and maximum door weight. It is also crucial to keep in mind that you generally want to make sure that you’re not on the borderline of the specifications. This ensures that as the motor gets older and a bit weaker, it will still be strong enough to lift your door.

  2. Manufacturer VS Installer Warranty
    Before having the motor installed, ask what the manufacturer warranty is. This gives you a good indication of the faith the manufacturers have in their product. A lot of installer companies are offering their own extended warranty on these products to make them sound really reliable. The problem with this is if they’re a small installation company, they may go bust, or just not honour the warranty when it breaks down.

  3. Features
    Different models of motors have different features. This includes features like soft start/stop, auto-close ability, mobile phone compatibility and auto reversing features. It’s definitely worth a discussion with them before they install the garage door opener so you know the capabilities of the motor before you get it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what openers are available and what functions they each have, call your local garage door company and find out which openers they recommend.