Boom Gates

AGG Doors supplies, installs and services boom gates for both the commercial and industrial sectors. If you’re looking for quality customer service coupled with great products and reliable servicing, look no further than AGG Doors. With decades of experience within the company, we have the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

Boom gates are one of the most commonly used methods for controlling access to a wide range of facilities. For many businesses concerned about security, it’s hard to look past the flexibility and peace of mind that boom gates can provide. As we are not tied down to any particular brand of manufacturer, we have the flexibility to tailor our packages to suit application and budget.

We supply and service top quality and highly durable car park boom gates for a wide range of applications all around the Melbourne metro area. This includes applications such as shopping centers, car parks, apartment complexes and factory complexes.

Swing Boom Gates

Although we predominantly work with boom gates for cars and other vehicles, we are also able to install smaller pedestrian boom gates. An example of this would be the small boom gates at railway stations that stop people from crossing when the larger boom gates are down. These are also used at security access points where there is a pedestrian walkway running alongside the driveway.

We also have a variety of accessories to choose from to suit the various applications you need. This includes accessories like swipe cards for access, ticket machines, photoelectric beams and weight sensors.

With the ability to swap between different products and accessories, we can provide you many suitable solutions for your budget and desires. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, give us a call now on 03 8789 3221 or through this service request form.

Vertical Boom Gates