Industrial Door Openers

Industrial door openers are almost a necessity for many businesses in this day and age. With frequent deliveries and couriers for many businesses, the factory doors can be used almost as much as the front door! We have some factories near us that are used for purely cargo shipping and can be opened dozens of times a day.

Industrial Door Openers - GRIFCO

GRIFCO Industrial Door Openers

Industrial Door Openers - ATA

ATA Industrial Door Openers

Decades ago it would be a time consuming duty to use the chain to open the door industrial door with enough height to allow trucks and containers through. We’re now lucky enough to have the option to install industrial door openers and save our arms a tedious job each and every day. The surprising thing for most people is how much a business’ productivity increases when they take this task away. A good example is for forklift drivers that no longer have to get up from the forklift, walk inside, pull the door up, get back onto the forklift, drop the parts off and then lock up again. Now when they have access to a remote they literally open the door at the press of the button, unload and leave with another press of the button. For some factories with multiple entries this can save hours of time over the week, and over the course of the year the industrial door opener has paid for itself.

Industrial Door Opener

There is a range of industrial door openers depending on the needs of the owner available on the market. Brands like GRIFCO and ATA are generally our motors of choice for most doors, however depending on the needs of the business we do have other brands at the ready.

If you’re interested in replacing, upgrading or installing a new industrial door opener, call our friendly team for a quick chat about your needs and our best suggested solutions for you. From there we’re more than happy to come out and do an onsite evaluation free of charge for you and provided you’re happy with the quote we can generally have the motor installed within a week.

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