Industrial Gate Openers

Choosing the Right Industrial Gate Openers For You

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Industrial gate openers need to be durable and heavy duty as most industrial gates are both heavy and high cycle. This is why it is important to do you research on what brands and models to use when automating your gate. As well as this, when you purchase such an important piece of machinery to maintain and operate your gates, it is recommended to have it professionally installed by qualified technicians to ensure it is running optimally.

At AGG Doors we use only the best quality brands to deliver the best customer experience we can. When deciding on what motor to use, we have in depth discussions with our customers about what they require from there motors and what their budget is. From there we can work out the best option for their particular circumstance.

It is definitely not a case of one size fits all when it comes to gate openers and things like size, weight, angle of the ground and cycles per day need to come into consideration before making a decision. With so many variables it is highly recommended to contact a professional and discuss these things before deciding on any particular opener.

If you would like to discuss things further or get a quote for a motor installation, give us a call on 03 8789 3221and one of our friendly staff will help arrange that for you.