Industrial Gate Opener Service & Repairs

  Industrial Gate Opener Service and Repairs  and what you need to know. AGG Doors regularly does both services and repairs on industrial gate openers. To ensure that the process goes smoothly however it is important to check a few things before giving us a call. This could potentially save you some money and a bit of embarrassment. Here are a few important things that you need to check:
  • Make sure your gate opener is plugged in, switched on and that there is power coming from the power point.
  • Make sure that you’ve tried multiple remotes, not just one.
  • Make sure your gate is not in manual mode. 
Industrial Gate Opener Service & Repairs If you’ve already checked these things and all is well, feel free to give us a call. When calling, if you can have details such as the make and model of your motor, age of your motor and any previous service logs with you, this can make all the difference in getting a fast and efficient repair done. As well as this, having a list of the systems in detail is always handy. By giving us a detailed description of the problem we are able to better diagnose the issue and bring the appropriate parts for the job, saving both parties multiple site visits. Still it would be better if you have an idea of how long your gate opener has served you. Did you have previous maintenance checkups to keep your garage door performing well? When was the last time you had parts replaced with your garage door or gate opener? Is it too old or even worth the money to repair or will having a new system to replace it, actually worth it? Having these concerns is normal, but no worries. You can call some reputable door company capable of doing industrial gate opener service & repairs during their appointed office hours. Get in touch with a reputable door company’s customer service representatives and inquire about the possible options you have and also a list of their best brands and price list. If you’re not quite sure on any of this information, photos or videos can be very helpful and our staff would be more than happy for you to send these to us via email or text message. If you would like more information on industrial gate opener service and repairs feel free to give our office a call on 03 8789 3221. We would be more than happy to discuss any problems you’re having and book in an appointment time if need be.