Industrial Gate Installation

  Get Your Industrial Gate Installation From A Trusted Company An industrial gate installation is a large project and has a range of things to consider. Here is a short list of some of the things to consider when you’re planning on installing a new gate system. 1. Power supply Unless your gate system is running off only solar panels, you will need power within reach of the gate system. We do recommend getting this done by a qualified electrician to ensure the best operation for your gate. Dodgy power supplies can cause short circuiting and damage to the control board of the motor. 2. Sliding or Swinging gates? In general, the sliding gate is the more popular choice for most industrial purposes. Sliding gates are generally more secure and harder to open by force, they also have less moving parts and require less room to operate than a swing gate. 3. What gate style fits you? The overall facade of your gate can also be an important factor depending on the image you are trying to portray to your customers. 4. Access Control and Operating Systems. Depending on how many cycles your gate will run each day, there are various motor options you can use to fit your needs and budget. There is also the option of having wireless remotes, a coded keypad or even a motion sensor to allow access through the gate. 5. Know your available Contingency plans and Safety precautions. Like anything electronic, gates are always susceptible to power outages. This can obviously cause some issues for your staff and customers if this happens at the wrong time. That’s why we always recommend a back up system be put in place. This could be a battery back up the system or a manual disengagement system. This will allow you to at least get the door open and closed in the event of a system failure. It’s also a great idea to have in case of an emergency evacuation. industrial gate installation   There is obviously a lot more things to check off of your list before organizing a new installation but hopefully this will help you get underway with the project. If you have any other questions you’d like answered, feel free to give us a call on 03 8789 3221.