Merlin MyQ


Don’t have to worry about carrying around those bulky remotes ever again. Access is just a tap away…


Monitoring and controlling your garage door opener has never been easier. You can now control your door from anywhere in the world. You can also receive alerts and notifications for peace of mind if you’re ever unsure of what position your doors in.

The myQ Technology is state of the art and has so many inbuilt features for control, safety and security. All these features coupled with the amazing engineering of the garage opener itself gives you possibly the best and most advanced garage door opener unit to date.

The technology allows you to give access to different people via their phone numbers, including what times they are able to access the garage. For example, if you want your cleaner to be able to open the garage door at 10:00 am on a Friday, you can set it so that is the only time she can use it. Want to give your kids access to it, but don’t want them sneaking out at night? Then you can lock their phone out between certain hours.

Despite all the amazing features of this unit, Merlin has managed to make it so user-friendly that anyone can use it.Merlin Silent Drive Elite MyQ

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