Merlin Commander MyQ

Have you ever gotten to work and been hit with that awful feeling of uncertainty about whether or not you shut your garage door? If you have, then the Merlin Commander myQ may be the solution for you! The Merlin Commander myQ is at the forefront of garage door technology, incorporating mobile phone app connectivity to be able to control your garage door. This includes checking the status of your door, opening, closing, allowing users access or locking them out, from anywhere in the world with wifi or a mobile data network. This is incredibly handy for households with a number of people, or families with children. This way instead of carrying remote controls around, they can use their phones for access after school or on the weekends. Coming as standard and compulsory hardwired photoelectric safety beams, the Merlin Commander myQ takes your safety very seriously. Although we have always suggested photoelectric safety beams for everyone, particularly those with children or pets, it has never been more important to have them than with these systems. With the ability to close your door without a clear line of site, it is extremely important to have these safety beams to prevent unwanted damage or injury to property or damage. Along with the technology to allow mobile phone access, the motor itself is among the top in the industry. With 1000 Newtons of pulling force and a massive 7 years warranty, the Merlin Commander myQ system is quiet, secure and powerful. If you’re sick of carrying around remotes, or have a large family where buying new remotes becomes too expensive, give us a call and organize to get a new Merlin Commander myQ installed! With free over the phone quotes, you can’t go wrong. Call us today on 1300. 244 366 to enquire, or book in an appointment.   Merlin Commander myQ