Common Faults

In the AGG Doors office, we deal with hundreds of enquiries a day. A lot of people call to enquire about problems they’re experiencing, and over the years we have compiled a bit of a list of the most common faults we hear about in both garage door and gate systems. Obviously this list of common faults doesn’t cover all of them but it is a good starting point for people to see what may be happening.  My remotes aren’t working but the button on the motor will operate it. Assuming that all your remotes didn’t coincidentally break at the same time, the most likely cause for this would be a faulty receiver or control board. In most cases this will require a replacement receiver or control board. The chain is running but the door isn’t going up or down. The most common fault that causes this is a broken gear or sprocket. Most of the time this will need to be replaced to get the door running. My chain has broken. It is quite rare that the chain actually breaks, it is more often that the chain joiner/index breaks, or the chain gets flicked off the sprocket. My door bounces back up once it hits the ground. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as the door being too heavy, the limits being worn or a faulty control board. My motor is completely unresponsive. This will generally be due to a faulty control board or  lack of power to the opener. The door is going up very slowly. Most often this fault is caused by your springs not being tensioned high enough or your motor being old and worn. My door makes an awful sound during operation. This can be caused by anything from lack of lubrication, adjustment of tracks being needed, age and a half dozen other factors. My roller door isn’t rolling up tightly. This is often caused by age and wear and tear, however sometimes an improperly installed motor can cause this. Only one side of my gates are opening. This could be caused by a break in the wiring or a worn motor on one side. My door is only opening a few inches. This is often due to a broken spring or a worn motor. My door is jammed up Most often this caused by sagging plaster above the door.