Step by Step Guides

In the office at AGG Doors, we’re constantly getting questions about how to do certain things with their garage doors whether its lubrication, remote coding or reprofiling.
Obviously, we can’t explain how to do everything as some things are just too difficult or dangerous to do unless you’re trained, however here are some step by step guides that you may find useful.

  1. Garage Door Lubricating and General Maintenance
  2. Resetting Motor Limits
  3. Resetting Force Settings
  4. Disengaging your Roller Door Motor
  5. Disengaging your Tilt/Panel Door Motor
  6. Disengaging your Swing Gate System
  7. Disengaging your Sliding Gate System
  8. Re-engaging your Roller Door Motor
  9. Re-engaging your Tilt / Panel Door Motor