Garage Door Opener Installation

Residential Roller Door in MelbourneOne of AGG Doors primary services is Garage door opener installations for our customers. We understand that everyone is on the go and time poor, and a garage door opener is a great way to be more efficient with your time as well as keeping out of the rain while trying to get your car in.

There are many choices out there in the market for businesses to do your garage door opener installation and just as many choices on what openers can be installed. AGG Doors has decades of experience in the field and are experts in choosing the appropriate motor for the job. Not being partners with anyone brand gives us the flexibility to offer various brands to install. This allows us to to choose the best opener for the job as opposed to many companies that are contracted to sell only one type of motor.

Having installed so many openers, our technicians have it down to a science and in most cases can be in and out without any trouble in no time flat. A standard roller door motor installation will take between 45 minutes and 75 minutes, a tilt or panel door motor installation will take about an hour or two. Couple this with our scheduled appointment times and all of a sudden getting your door automated becomes a convenient, stress-free exercise.

As well as the convenience of the service, we have a range of different openers to suit your budget. With starting installed prices at about $550 and top end priced products around the $1000 mark, we have motors suitable for any budget and any application.