Garage Door Opener Service And Repairs

Over the lifespan of a garage door opener, it is likely that at some stage it will need either a routine service or possibly a repair. Like any electro-mechanical technology, things need to be adjusted over the course and occasionally through wear and tear, parts may need to be replaced. We generally recommend you get your garage door opener serviced every 18 months to 2 years depending on your usage of it, similar to your cars regular servicing. AGG Doors understands that garage door opener services and repairs can happen at the most inopportune times and we do our best to try and make it as good an experience as we can. Unlike most garage door repair companies, we book your job in for a day and time slot so the service impacts you as and your day to day life as little as possible. As well as this we know that money doesn’t grow on trees and we have stayed true to our family business morals and have kept our prices very competitive within the market.

Happy To Do Garage Door Opener Repairs

What makes us stand out from the crowd as well as the fact we are happy to make repairs to motors that most companies would rather just take down. Of course, we will always give our professional opinion, and sometimes we will say the best thing to do is change it over, but it’s always nice to have the ability to make a repair, particularly if it’s saving some money. We also provide rough estimates on your garage door opener service and repairs over the phone to give you a ballpark price of what to expect on the day. Award-Winning Garage Door Repairs in Melbourne With decades of experience under our belt and superior customer service, feel free to give us a buzz and let us solve your problems for you.