Garage Door Out Of Track

Garage Door Out Of Track Issues That Need Attention


Garage doors coming out of tracks are one of our most frequently received phone call topics. In general this happens from cars bumping into them, obstructions when closing or when hardware such as springs or cables break.
Although we are more than capable of  fixing the issue, there are a couple of things that we like to know before coming out to attend. These things are:

  1. Why has it come out?
  2. Is it roller or panel door.
  3. Is the door currently in the open or closed position.
  4. Are any of the springs or cables broken as well.
  5. Is you car in or out of the garage.

Knowing the answer to these questions can save a bit of time on the repair as we will know exactly how many technicians will be required and if we need to bring any spare parts. It also saves multiple trips due to unforeseen circumstances which may
delay your garage door repair.

In most cases, when this issue is fixed it is unlikely to become a recurring problem unless the guides, tracks or door are damaged beyond repair, in which case you will need to replace the damaged parts.