Gate Opener Service and Repairs

As you can imagine, a gate opener will complete hundreds if not thousands of cycles per year at a standard residential house with only 1 car. If you have multiple cars, or you’re in and out of the house multiple times a day, you can imagine just how much you’re asking of the motor. It is inevitable that at some stage over the life span of a motor, a gate opener service and repair will need to occur.

Consider Booking a Routine Maintenance

With routine maintenance, you can try and lessen the chance of a costly repair being needed, much in the same way as routine servicing of your car. Every 18 months or so is generally what most companies will recommend, although it can vary slightly depending on the amount of use. Gate opener services We also understand that when your gate does fail,  it always seems to be at the worst time possible. We try to be as accommodating as we can and rectify the issue as fast as possible. Unlike most gate repair companies, we can book you in for a specific day, in a specific time window to allow you to go about your day as freely as possible. What makes us stand out from the crowd as well as the fact we are happy to make repairs to motors that most companies would rather just take off. Of course, we will always give our professional opinion, and sometimes we will say the best thing to do is change it over, but it’s always nice to have the ability to make a repair, particularly if it’s saving some money. We also provide rough estimates on your gate opener service and repairs over the phone to give you a ballpark price of what to expect on the day. With decades of experience under our belt and superior customer service, feel free to give us a buzz and let us help solve the problem. Call 03 8789 3221.