Gates Photo Gallery

Below you will find gates photo gallery that our fantastic manufacturers have created in the past. Quality workmanship and great materials.
Alternatively, if you’ve seen a gate that you like, send through some photos and we can see if we could make something similar.

  • Modern Sliding Gate

Modern Sliding Gate - AGG Doors


  • Silver Modern Sliding Gate

Silver Modern Sliding Gate - AGG Doors


  • Sliding Colourbond Gate

Sliding Colourbond Gate - AGG Doors


  • Sliding Wooden Gate

Sliding Wooden Gate - AGG Doors


  • Tapered Sliding Picket Gate

Tapered Sliding Picket Gate - AGG Doors


  • Tapered Swing Gates

Tapered Swing Gates - AGG Doors


  • Dual Swing Gate

Dual Swing Gate - AGG Doors


  • Pedestrian Gate

Pedestrian Gate - AGG Doors


  • Wind Loaded Pedestrian Gate Wind Loaded Pedestrian Gate - AGG Doors