Garage Door Opener Repairs

  In a hurry? Call 03 8789 3221to enquire or book in for our services. Before you call us it’s best to make sure your garage door opener is plugged in and also check that the circuit breaker is on. it’s is also always good to check that your garage door opener has not been accidentally disengaged. Following these steps may save you a few dollars and an embarrassing moment. The need for a garage door opener repair can be the caused by a multitude of reasons, whether it just needs a service or is just a small problem like a faulty switch or maybe a gear replacement, our trained technicians are more than capable of diagnosing the problem and performing the needed garage door opener repairs. You might be asking yourself “Is it too old or even worthwhile repairing or am I better off replacing it with a new system?” When deciding on replacing or repairing your system, our technicians are happy to help you by giving you their recommendations derived from their inspection, taking into account the model, age and condition of the unit as well as the economical aspect of the decision. When calling to book a service call please have as much of the following information available to assist the operator with your inquiry:
  1. The Make / Brand of the system, normally found on a sticker on the system. For example: ATA, B&D
  2. The Model of the system, which also can be found on a sticker on the system. For example: GD02, CAD4
  3. The system version. For example: V6
  4. The Symptoms of the problem you are having.
Or if you can’t find any of the above information, have a description of the remote control For example: Blue with 4 buttons.

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