All homeowners should know the basic parts of their garage door. This allows you to communicate over the phone with the professionals if there is a problem and potentially save money in call out fees.

Here is a basic breakdown of the parts of your standard residential doors.

Standard Parts of a Roller Door:

Roller Door Standard Parts
  1. The Curtain – This is the actual physical steel sheet.
  2. The Brackets – The L-shaped steel that the door is mounted on.
  3. The Drum – The frame that the curtain wraps up around.
  4. The Springs – The coils inside the drum that counterbalance the door weight.
  5. The Nylofelt – the fabric on the sides of the door.
  6. The Guides – the tracks on the side of the door that guide the door up straight.

Standard Parts of a Panel Door:

Panel Door Standard Parts
  1. The Panels – The individual sections that make up the complete door.
  2. The Hinges – The parts that connect the panels together.
  3. The Springs – The coils that sit above the door on the torsion pole.
  4. The Cables – The steel wires that run vertically on the side of the door to assist operation.
  5. The Tracks – The guides on the side of the door that the door travels in.
  6. The Wheels – These allow the door to roll up freely.

Standard Parts of a Tilt Door:

 Tilt Door Standard Parts
  1. The Frame – The steel structure that makes up the tilt door.
  2. The Cladding – The sheets of steel or alternative product that sits on top of the frame.
  3. The Springs – The coils on the side of the door that counterbalance the door.
  4. The Arms – The steel connectors that allow the door to pivot up and down.
  5. The Tracks – Some tilt doors have tracks that run horizontally on the sides of the door to allow smoother operation.
  6. The Wheels – Some tilt doors have wheels that run on the tracks to allow smoother operation.

These are the basic parts that make up most residential doors. There are plenty of diagrams available on good garage door sites that have these parts labeled if you wanted to learn more.