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Convenient garage door servicing

We generally book our service calls in 3 to 5-hour time slots (for example 12-5pm, 1-6pm etc.) to give you a better idea of when our technicians are likely to arrive. This means you do not need to wait at home the entire day and allows you to go about your daily activities as per normal. We can also arrange to give you a courtesy call when the technician is roughly 30 minutes away, so you can stay out and about until we arrive at your residence.

As part of our garage door service and maintenance inspection we check for faulty parts that need to be replaced this includes the following.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

If upon inspection, our technicians determine that your spring is broken, it is highly recommended that the garage door should be not used until the necessary replacement is done. Your safety is our priority, using the garage door with a faulty spring can be more harmful to you and more expensive to repair when it breaks.

Although the garage opener may work, it has a high risk of overloading the motor and causing it to burn out. AGG DOORS will replace your springs in sets. This is the prescribed and safe precautionary measure. Once your broken spring is replaced, it is only logical to replace the rest of the springs that have been weakened while carrying the load to compensate.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Why do cables snap? Sometimes, it is because of normal wear and tear. Sometimes, it is due to the environment, if you live close to the beach, it means the salty air has done significant damage to your cables through the years. Sometimes your doors tension may have been below standards for an extended period of time already and those caused your cables to fray and get weakened.

The torsion springs help in the lifting of your panel door, the lifting is also done via the cables, so when the cable snaps due to pressure or whatever reasons, the springs become useless and very dangerous to use until it is replaced. There may be other reasons that contributed to the degradation of your cables. No worries though, our trained technicians will handle that for you and provide the necessary solutions to remedy the situation in no time at all.

We can accommodate special circumstances if required, to allow for everyday things like school drop-offs and school pick-ups, as well as urgent jobs like broken spring replacement and pre-settlement repairs. In the event that you are unable to meet us at the job, we can even arrange for our technicians to carry out repairs without you on-site, all we need is access to the garage door/gate, and our technician will contact you by phone after the initial inspection. Contact us today to find out more or to get a quote for a garage door service in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

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