Commercial Roller Shutter Repairs

Industrial Service and Repairs

AGG Doors has some of the most experienced technicians and outside contacts for commercial roller shutter repairs in Melbourne. And in between all of us, we have seen just about every type of door and every problem you could dream up. From forklift accidents to trucks driving through them, we’ve attended and fixed them all.

We understand that businesses need to operate and can’t always wait for weeks on end for the repair. This is why AGG Doors makes it their priority to attend promptly and quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the repair. Also, due to our close industry connections with our manufacturers, we can generally get the jobs done at a very competitive price.


Our supported brands include the following:

  • Automatic technology – smart | simple | secure
  • B&D Doors and Services – There’s so much more behind a B&D Door
  • Grifco
  • Merlin – More than magic
  • Top Door


We also offer an effective solution like the “Preventative Maintenance Schedule”. This program ensures that your doors/gates and openers perform as optimally as possible. This regular maintenance check minimises the likelihood of breakdown and any other minor inconveniences. This schedule allows our trained and friendly technicians to keep a vigilant eye on the things that need monitoring. They make sure that your industrial door, roller or shutters are in peak working condition for years to come.