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Different Types Of Garage Door Material

The first step to choosing your ideal door is to pick the material you want it made from. Making the right choice, however, can be quite daunting if you’re unsure of the pros and cons of the materials.

Here you can find the pros and cons of the different types of materials such as steel, wood, aluminium, fibreglass, vinyl, glass, copper and stainless steel. Your decision will be influenced by your home, where you live and the climate. Garage Doors are not a “one size fits all” object.

The most common type of door sold today is the steel garage door. The benefits are that it is strong, relatively maintenance free and lightweight, as well as less expensive in comparison to the other materials. There is also a wider range of steel doors available than any other material. These doors are generally the best garage doors for most applications. On the downside though, they can, however, be dented from impact and can rust if the finish is damaged.

Wooden garage doors are the second most common type. Although they require the most maintenance of any door, for some applications no other material will look right. Real stained wood is just one of those looks that you can’t replicate, and with a wide variety of styles and colours, sometimes it’s just too hard to look past this great option. Again, wood does take maintenance, and is heavy and more prone to moisture and insect damage if not properly maintained.

Aluminium garage doors are similar to steel doors in the sense they offer low-maintenance and lightweight appeal with the added bonus of being rust-proof. They are the best garage door for coastal areas due to the salty air often shortening the lifespan of steel. The obvious disadvantage, however, is the fact it is relatively easy to dent.

Fibreglass garage doors are another product that is rust-proof and requires very little effort to maintain. They do not often dent but can become brittle with age and in extreme colds. It is also possible for them to break from a sharp impact. Single layer fibreglass designs will also let some light in, but are also quite flimsy and are easier to break into.

Vinyl garage doors have very similar advantages and disadvantages to the fibreglass doors. They are rust proof, low-maintenance and are the most dent-resistant of all the materials. They can also become brittle with age and extreme colds. The colour choices of vinyl doors are also extremely limited. In most cases, these are the best garage doors in terms of overall longevity.

Glass garage doors are made with a steel, aluminium or wooden frame with many different glass options are available. They are also not nearly as fragile as you may think. They are particularly heavy however as well as expensive compared to the other materials. Glass is often the best garage door design for a contemporary or modern style home.

Copper Doors are an interesting and alternative option that is usually found only in upscale homes due to the greater expense. Copper will eventually tarnish and turn green with age (unless clear coated), but this patina is also what attracts some people.

Stainless steel doors are another unique and expensive options.

Some doors use a combination of materials for the different layers. A door may have a wood-composite exterior shell on top of a steel panel, or a steel outer layer and a vinyl inner layer. There are lots of different combinations available from various manufacturers.

Choosing The Right Garage Door

When choosing you the right garage door, there are some key things you need to take into consideration before making your final choice. These things include:

Clearance height of your roof – The overhead height of the garage will affect the type of garage door you get. If you have a low overhead clearance you will be more inclined to get a panel door as it takes less room.

Material of garage door – See above section

Colour and style – The garage door is one of the largest features of the house. You should be sure that the colour and style are aesthetically pleasing. This can also add value to your house if you are looking to sell.

Common Mistakes People Make When Ordering A Garage Door

Style – Please make sure that you are 100% sure of the style that you want. Garage doors last a long time, so make sure you know which style you want.

Clearance – Depending on how much overhead clearance you have in your garage, you may need to choose between a roller or a panel lift. The panel lift takes less room, so it’s perfect for garages with little overhead clearance.

Colour- As simple as this sounds, the garage door is a large, eye-catching feature of the home, so make sure you are happy with the aesthetics of the door before placing your order.

Type – If unsure what type of garage door you are replacing or purchasing for the first time, feel free to contact us for any help on what type of door to choose.

Size – Make sure your measurements of the dimensions of the opening of your garage are correct or else the garage door you order may be unusable.

Brand – If you want a particular brand, make sure you let us know.

Garage Door Cost

As there is no standard garage door size or width, prices will vary depending on size, brands, colours and styles. If you are interested in purchasing a garage door, contact one of us for a more thorough estimate on 03 8789 3221.

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