B&D Auto-Lock

Protecting your home and family is a task that none of us should take lightly. With some fantastic products on the market to secure your doors and windows, home safety is getting better and better each day. In the past, however, garage door security has been relatively low tech. Until Now.

Introducing the B&D Auto-Lock! The smart and keyless technology can withstand more than double the force as standard panel door locks to lift from the closed position and helps secure your home and family.

You may be thinking, “If it doubles the strength of the door, it must be a pain to unlock and lock every time we use the door…” This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. The lock itself is mounted to the door and is triggered to open and close with your remote via a receiver.


B&D Auto-lock PanelliftIcon

This means that every time you press your remote to open the garage, the lock pin withdraws, allowing it to open, and when you press it to close, it shoots out at the end of the cycle to lock it in place.

This is a cheap and functional alternative to ground locks that need to be bolted into the ground and manually locked and unlocked every single use. Coming standard with most B&D Panelift Icon Doors, and being relatively cheap to retrofit when you consider the alternative, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your family and belongings.

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