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What are panel doors? Panel doors are also known as Sectional doors. It consists of 4 or more rectangular panels which slide overhead about 7 feet or higher. Panel doors are space-saving garage doors, especially when you compare them to tilt doors. Each panel is affixed on a track which allows for a smoother and quieter operation which is also highly favoured when you choose to use an automatic garage door opener. Choosing a Panel door design for your garage door allows you a wide selection of options when it comes to style, tints, colours, materials, and even full customization. These features are what make panel doors impressive for many homeowners.

First of all, there are two different panel door spring types: Torsion and Side-mounted.

Torsion springs are installed on a fixed metal shaft located anywhere above and parallel to the top part of the garage door frame. These torsion springs attach to one end then to a solid stationary plate positioned above the centre of your garage door frame. These coils extend along a solid shaft and work by coiling or twisting as your garage door closes. Your Panel doors connect with the aid of sturdy, industrial-strength cables attached to both sides of the lowest garage door panels. This torsion or pressure makes it easier to raise the garage door from its closed position.

Side-mounted springs are extended large coils which are mounted on both sides of the overhead garage door track and are connected through a set of industrial-strength pulleys. These side-mounted coils perform the same function as the torsion springs; however, they are subjected to strain or pressure when the garage door is closed which allows the lifting of your garage door easier.

It is always a good procedure to always replace your garage door springs as a set. Why? It is common knowledge and logical for any seasoned DIY enthusiast that if one spring is broken, the other springs’ life expectancy is not that far behind. It is common sense to know that the strength of springs will deteriorate over time. When you have faulty or weak springs, your garage door’s performance will degrade as well. Would you risk having your garage door suddenly falling on your highly valued, newly restored vintage muscle car or your classic and highly dependable pick up? Even if you had insurance to cover the expenses and repairs that would not give you much consolation especially when you know you can prevent such an accident from happening in the first place. Although it may be highly unlikely to break down when it is regularly maintained, it is a good policy to replace your springs every 6 or 7 years Using a new spring coupled with an old one causes a dangerous imbalance in your garage door that couldn’t be corrected through normal spring adjustment. Always get a new set of springs when you need one of them replaced.

Common grade torsion springs have a life expectancy of about 10,000 cycles. The reinforced and tempered steel of these springs experience tremendous pressure and forces each time the door closes and opens up. In time, through regular use, gradually, the steel wears out with fatigue during each operation. Eventually, cracks and breaks appear and suddenly without warning, usually releasing its immense stored up energy in an instant with a dreadful “sproing sound” and this is why it’s a good policy never to walk beneath a garage door while it’s still moving up.

If you take an average of two car trips per day, opening and closing the garage door a total of 4 times daily, then it means 10,000 cycles will be divided by four, and that would reduce that to 2500 days. That would be a little more than 6 and a half years. When you have an automated gate opener, you have a tendency to cycle the garage door even more frequently. You can expect the need for panel door spring replacement even sooner.

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