Gate Types

There are a variety of gate types available for both residential and commercial applications however most of them are a variation of the two main types of gates.

Swing Gates ni MelbourneSwing gates:

Swing gates open with a rotation around a pivot point, much like an ordinary house door. When the gate doors open they will generally open inwards. The automation systems used are generally powered by 240v or 24v which thanks to low voltage alimentation is a safer method of functioning. A 24Vdc power supply is generally recommended when an intensive and extensive use is necessary, which is usually requested for commercial and industrial application. It is important to keep in mind the weight of the gates when automating as it will greatly impact the type of motor you will need.


Sliding Gates: Sliding Gates in Melbourne

Sliding gates generally are a single piece that runs along a track. They require a track and guide to slide along to open and close and is the ideal gate for wide entrances, entrances on a slope or when there is not sufficient space inside the property to allow swing gates. These gates have sensitive edges for maximum safety during the closing phase to avoid crushing obstructions upon impact.  The motor will auto reverse upon sensing an obstruction to avoid further damage to the blockage.