Garage Door Installations

Trust Your Residential Garage Door Installation to Experts

When your home needs a new door installed, no matter what kind, let trustworthy door companies with years of expertise under their belts do what they do best. Let your residential garage door installation needs taken care of, with no worries at all.

AGG DOORS can install different kinds of garage doors like:

  1. Panel Doors or Sectional DoorsThis type of garage door consists of 3 to 6 rectangular panels that slide up and overhead.

Panel doors are available in various styles, colours/tints and can be made from a wide selection of materials. Sectional doors are customisable according to your tastes. They are also considered classier by most homeowners in the market.

Advantages of using a panel door:

  • One major advantage of a Panel Door is that it requires no extra space outside of your garage to open and allow vehicles to park as close to the garage door as possible. There is no need for an extra space outside or the silent danger of “swinging arcs” from Tilt doors.
  • Each panel is fixed to the track which allows for a smoother and more reliable door. This door option is also ideal for automation if the homeowner chooses to.
  1. Roller DoorsThis type of garage door rolls up and down like roll of carpet to cover your garage opening. The roller door is a very low maintenance door. A roller door only requires two things to function, good tension and well-maintained tracks.

To keep your tracks clean, it is recommended that you simply clean them with a silicone-based spray every 3 months. For good tension, check if your roller door does not drop or creeps up when it is left halfway up its tracks. It should also be easy to pull up or down anytime.

  1. Tilt DoorsThese are single panel garage doors that swing or tilt open via power arms fixed on its sides. The tilt door is a highly customisable type of garage door. It is available with a range of materials, styles and colours.

You can choose from 3 types of tilt doors:

  • The Jamb type
  • The Track type
  • The Counter –weight type

The Jamb type fittings have a power arm mounted to a door jamb. When fully opened, half the garage door extends beyond the opening.

The Track type fittings have horizontal tracks on the corners on top. This allows this type of tilt door a smoother operation in comparison to the jab type. The track type is ideal for automation.

The Counter-weight type is a single panel door that uses a counter-weight on the side. This is the ideal choice to have for confined spaces. Due to the fact that there are no springs that would break, this type of garage door requires minimal maintenance.

Choosing the right residential garage door installation service can be challenging. AGG DOORS will help you find the best options available, from high quality brands the market has to offer, the right type of garage door for your particular area and garage door space, and also the best materials you can choose from. There are various styles, colours, sizes and brands to think about. We will help you arrive at the best choices available according to your varied budgets and needs.

AGG Doors also provide a FREE quote and measure on new Industrial Doors, Residential Garage Doors and Gate installations in the Melbourne Metro Region of Australia. Call us whenever it’s convenient for you. We are ready to serve, anytime.