If you’re building a house or doing some renovations and thinking of changing up the look of your garage, it would be handy to know what garage door types are available. There are about 3 standard types of residential doors available on the market. These 3 doors cover about 90% of the residential homes.

Garage Door TypesRoller Doors

Roller doors are extremely common around Australia. You’ll find plenty of them on car ports, garages and sheds.

These garage doors are very basic in the way that they are made and operate. This means that they have very few parts that can break down and are generally the most reliable over a long period of time. These doors are made up of a flexible curtain that rolls up around the drum.

Tilt Doors:

Tilt doors are the typical old style doors that are made up of one solid sheet that tilts up along the roof. These can have J-type fittings on them, which have 2 arms and lift the door up with the assistance of springs, or T-type fittings that are the same as the J-type except they have the addition of 2 tracks to allow smoother operation.

These doors are becoming less and less common, however, they are perfect for garages with low headroom.

Sectional Doors:

Sectional doors are the most modern and aesthetically pleasing of the garage doors. These doors are the most common of the new style doors. The downside to these is that they do have a lot of moving parts which can fail.

These doors also come in a variety of styles and colours. This lets you customize your door to exactly what you want.

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