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With so many different garage door openers available on today’s market, choosing one can feel like a daunting task. By shopping with us, we hope to eliminate all guesswork in choosing the right garage opener for your task at hand, so you can just kick back, and enjoy the new found freedom that comes with a new garage door opener. No more getting out of the car on a cold rainy day or arguing about whose turn it is to open the garage door. Sound familiar? Hmmm…

Garage Door Openers - Merlin

Merlin Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers - B&D

B&D Garage Door Openers

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ATA Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers - AGG

AGG Garage Doors Openers

Soon you’ll be asking yourself, “why did we wait so long to get a garage door opener“.

Here at AGG Doors we make sure that the garage door openers that we use are reputable and tested to give you many years of reliable service. The garage door openers also come backed with a full manufacturer’s warranty, to give you that extra piece of mind. We use brands and names that are trusted Australia wide and internationally by both builders and homeowners. We only sell garage door openers that we believe in, which reaps benefits for both you and us, for you; trouble-free operation and for us no time-consuming callbacks. This allows us to keep our very competitive prices.

Great Garage Door Opener For Smooth Operation

Garage door openers, like all mechanical devices, require periodic services to keep them operating at optimal performance. The frequency you should have your garage door opener serviced is dependent on the brand of your door and opener. Our team of trained technicians is able to carry out the full garage door and opener services, which not only includes greasing gears and lubricating hinges but also allows the technician to analyse garage openers parts for any that may be worn and preventing an otherwise efficient opener from operating at its best.

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