Garage Door Brands

Know Your Different Residential Garage Door Brands Homeowners in any part of the world only want the best. Choosing what’s best for your homes includes high quality options with the best prices available when it comes to residential garage door brands. At AGG DOORS, we offer a selection of the most trustworthy and durable line of garage door brands. Our brand selection includes the following:
  1. Taurean Doors
  • This brand has been in the industry for decades.
  • Offers door and motor soloutions at a very affordable price.
  1. B&D
  • Doors and Openers. “There’s so much more behind a B&D Door.”
  • The first B&D Roll-A-Door was unveiled in Sydney Australia in 1956. For over 50 years, this brand has delivered functionality and design improvements.
  • It showcases the State-of-the-art Fail-proof opening technologies. An example of this innovation is the incorporation of the Tri-Tran Multi Frequency technology into the Controll-A-Door selection of openers.
  • Features a top of the line services like: the Controll-A-Door technology which uses a smart phone garage door control, Panelift Icon, Insul-Shield, and the impressive B&D Design Centre which gives homeowners the chance and opportunity to design your own dream garage door. Also offers Dulux colour design services.
  1. CSI Garage Doors
  • Now owned by B&D, CSI Garage doors was a leader in innovation and created some of the best value for money garage doors available
  1. Firmadoor Garage Doors
  • Each Firmadoor garage door is a quality product which can be custom designed and built for each homeowner’s specific needs. The impressive feature with this brand is its ability to cater to your budget without sacrificing quality, aesthetics and durability.
  • Fully customisable options include colour choices that will match your home’s colour schemes. Doors are built according to your specifications and requirements instead of making your plans adjust to standard sized doors and shutters.
  • Each product assures pleasing aesthetics, ease of operations, effective weather protection, smooth operation, safety and security, fully customisable features, and limited warranty options.
At AGG Doors, you are in good hands. These residential garage door brands are your best options in durability, function, features, innovation and customisation. Each brand has satisfied and delighted customers and supplied amazing products that are well loved and cherished over the years. Whatever garage door specifications, requirements, and special products you need, most of the brands above have you covered.