Gate Opener Installation

We’re lucky that we are surrounded by choice when it comes to gate openers. No longer has one company got a monopoly on the market and can sell you whatever they want for whatever price they want. It’s great to have so many brands producing different gate openers for various gates and applications. One thing that does come with a choice, however, is uncertainty. At AGG Doors we have done our best over the years to test many different types of gate openers and narrow down our list of what’s available so we are left with only quality gate openers.

A gate opener installation is a fairly significant project with many variables to consider. Some things that need to be considered are:

-Brand of opener
-Number of expected cycles per day
-Type of opener (screw feed, hydraulic etc.)
-Space restrictions.
-Weight of gates
-Which company should install it

Some of these are a bit hard to consider without someone with industry knowledge to guide you along, so if you are seriously considering a gate opener installation, give us a no obligations call and discuss it with us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Call now at 03 8789 3221.