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AGG Doors provides industrial door installations in Melbourne, industrial door accessories, industrial door repairs in Melbourne, industrial door services in Melbourne as well as industrial door spare parts.

AGG Doors can install all kinds of industrial garage, from regular roller shutters to bi-fold doors. Using only top of the line industrial doors and industrial door openers, AGG Doors provides top quality service and professionalism during its installation and repairs of industrial shutter doors. We can also do the flashing and steel work required to fit the garage door.

AGG Doors primarily uses B&D, ANSA and Steeline Doors.

Industrial Doors Services

When Choosing a Garage Door

Style- Please make sure that you are 100% sure of the style that you want. Garage doors last a long time, so make sure you know which style you want.

Clearance- Depending on how much overhead clearance you have in your garage, you may need to choose between a roller or a panel lift. The panel lift takes less room, so it’s perfect for garages with little overhead clearance.

Colour- As simple as this sounds, the garage door is a large, eye catching feature factory or complex, so make sure you are happy with the aesthetics of the door before placing your order.

Type- If unsure what type of garage door you are replacing or purchasing for the first time, feel free to contact us for any help on what type of door to choose.

Brand- If you want a particular brand, make sure you let us know.